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Chemical Advise - What to do with your chemical starter set

Why do we need chemicals for our Spa?

Your spa has been filled with fresh water straight from the tap. This water is good enough to drink, so why should it require further treatment?

The simple answer is that when you get into the spa, you carry with you numerous small particles , including bacteria. Bacteria are so small they're invisible to the naked eye, but that doesn't mean they can be ignored.

Living organisms such as bacteria, as we do, need food and water to flourish. The water is already present, the food is usually in the form of organic material and because you consist of organic matter, each time you climb into the spa you introduce a lot of organic material in the form of skin particles which our covered in bacteria! You must, therefore treat the water and kill of this bacteria.

It’s Crucial to treat water properly...

It is, therefore, crucial to treat the water correctly, and we recommend a Clearwater Chemical Starter Set which you will see on our accessory page for £29.99, this is enough treatment to last you at least 6 Months.

First, The Chlorine...

When you first open your chemical box the first one you need is the chlorine granules. When you have filled up your spa add 13ml of granules by just sprinkling onto the water (This amount is known as a shock treatment).

Turn on the pump for 5 minutes to allow the Chlorine to move around. It is important to add the first dose of chlorine before you heat up the water.

The Day After...

The next day once your spa is lovely and warm, use a test strip and this will tell you if you need to adjust the ph balance.

If you do, then use the Ph Plus (Soda Ash) to increase, or the Ph minus (Dry Acid) to to decrease the Ph.

Dose Rate...

Dose rate will vary depending on whether you have soft or hard water and how much the test strip indicator suggests you need to correct, and base your rate on 240 gallons of water (That is how much water is in your spa).

Get the water moving..

Again turn on the pump for 5 minutes to allow it to move around.

Dependent on use you should treat the water at least every other day and always add 5ml (Use measuring cup included with starter set) of Chlorine.

Keep your spa happy each week...

We tend to use the test strip once a week and then adjust the ph balance accordingly. If you use the spa on a daily basis then I would recommend using a test strip twice a week.

If your water becomes cloudy it tends to mean you have a high ph balance. By reducing the ph balance your water will become clear again.

Once a week we would also recommend cleaning your filter with a hose. Every 2 weeks the filter should be replaced. If you don't replace the filter, then it is likely your water will go cloudy.

Just in case...

Also included in your starter set is Antifoam, and so far we have only needed to use this a couple of times, but by just adding a small amount of the liquid this will clear it away very quickly.


Once a month you should drain your spa, clean it and refill with water.

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