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Introducing the fantastic Lay-Z-Spa™ Vegas, the UK's best selling inflatable hot tub.

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Introducing the Lay-Z-Spa™ Vegas Inflatable Hot Tub from Bestway, the UK’s number 1 inflatable hot tub brand. Choose the Lay-Z-Spa Vegas for luxury, relaxation, comfort and portability at outstanding value for money.

Ease into your Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Vegas at the end of the day and feel rejuvenated by the 40°C water temperature and Lay-Z massage jets, with the knowledge that you are experiencing the incredible luxury and relaxation of a hot tub at fantastic value.

Based on the Lay-Z-Spa Premium model, which was the UK’s bestselling inflatable hot tub in 2012, the Lay-Z-Spa Vegas comfortably fits up to 4 people and can be used both indoors and outdoors. This exceptional inflatable spa is easy to set up in minutes, requiring no tools or professional installation. The inflatable hot tub comes with an attractively styled leatheroid cover with easy to fasten clips and inflatable inner lid providing superb heat insulation to help keep your hot tub up to temperature.

The beauty of the Lay-Z-Spa Vegas is that it can be put in place for long term use, or moved around for occasional use for parties, BBQs or to a friend’s house. You’ll soon understand why this Lay-z-spa is named the Lay-Z-Spa Vegas after the ‘Entertainment Capital of the World!’ The hot tub is very portable, so much so that people are known to take it away on caravanning breaks with them or send it to their holiday home!

Included in the Vegas hot tub package is an easy to operate digital control for controlling the massage jets, water filtration and rapid heating system. A free DVD set up and maintenance guide, filter cartridges (twin pack) and a chemical floater are also provided.

In fact the Lay-Z-Spa Vegas inflatable hot tub has all of the exciting features of a traditional fixed hot tub but at a much more affordable price, with the benefit of being portable and without the hassle of professional installation!


FREE Chemical Kit

FREE 1 Year Warranty

FREE Extra Filter Cartridge

Lay-z-spa Features:

  1. The Lay-Z-Spa is large enough to fit 4 adults

  2. 40°C (104°F) water temperatures

  3. Digital control panel

  4. Easy set up - no tools required

  5. For indoor or outdoor use

  6. Lay-z-massage system

  7. Water filtration system

  8. Rapid heating system

  9. Chemical floater

  10. Set up and maintenance DVD included

Lay-z-spa Specifications:

  1. Item: BW54112

  2. Capacity: 4 Adults

  3. Water (80%): 848L (224 Gal)

  4. Inflated Size: 196cm x 61cm (77" x 24")

  5. Filled Weight: 1,100kg (2,794lb)

  6. Voltage: 220-240V-50Hz, 2050W at 20°C

  7. Actual Water Flow: 1,438 L/h (380 Gal/h)

  8. Rapid Heat. System: Approx 1.5-2°C/h (3-4°F/h)

  9. Max Heat: 40°C (104°F)

  10. Certification: CE / GS approved

  11. Gross Weight: 37.9kg (73.9lb)

Lay-z-spa Digital Control Settings:

  1. LED display.

  2. Display shows °C or °F temp. mode toggle.

  3. Temperature adjustment.

  4. Heat activation.

  5. Lay-Z-Massage activation.

  6. Water filter activation.

NEW Lay-z-spa Enhanced Features:

  1. New Digitally controlled pump with fully waterproof touch screen technology controls.

  2. New Positive Temperature Co-efficient ceramic heater

  3. New Plug with PRCD higher standard unit

  4. New quieter air pump noise

  5. New Leatheroid secure top cover

  6. New Rubber carry handles for more durable wear

  7. New Foam bottom for extra comfort

  8. New Style Filter Cartridge inside the spa pool avoids the need to bleed the unit.

  9. New Smaller and easier to change filter cartridge

  10. New I Beam construction Insulation lid for better insulation

You may also want to add the following:

Clearwater Medium Lay-z-spa Chemical Starter Set

This Clearwater Pool Chemical Starter Kit (CH00016) has a variety of products to help protect and maintain your pool.

Includes 500g Chlorine Granules for disinfecting pools & spas, 700g PH Plus for increasing PH of pool & spa water, 700g PH Minus for decreasing PH of pool & spa water, 500ml Algaecide for prevention and control of algae and 25 test strips to test for total alkalinity, chlorine and PH.


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more detailsLay-z-spa_Clearwater_Medium_Chemical_Starter_Set.html

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77”x24” Replacement Lay-z-spa Round Grey Inflatable Lining
This is the Inflatable Liner for the Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Vegas & 2012 Premium Series and holds up to 900 litres of water. Inflated size 77" x 24", filled weight 1100kg. Screw Valves not included.


Order by 1pm for same day dispatch

more details

54112 Lay-z-spa Vegas Round Inflatable Insulation Lid (straight beam)
Round Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Inflatable Lid Bestway Inflatable Lid for the Lay-Z-Spa helps to insulate the spa keeping the heat in the water while protecting debris falling in while not in use. Suitable for Lay-z-spa Vegas models.


Order by 1pm for same day dispatch

Add 50 x Lay-z-spa test strips for just £4.99

NEW Lay-Z-Spa Filter Twin Pack

Filter Cartridge Lay-Z-Spa - 2 Pack (BW58323). This Bestway Filter Cartridge will fit the new model Bestway Lay-Z-Spa pumps and should be changed at least every two weeks.

This filter is suitable for all recent Lay-z-spa models. Please see links below for the spa type:
Lay-z-spa Miami
Lay-z-spa Vegas
Lay-z-spa Palm Springs
Lay-z-spa Monaco

Please check your Filter Pump prior to making a purchase, to make sure you are buying the correct Filter Cartridge.


Order by 1pm for same day dispatch

Bulk buy 4 x filter twin packs for £19.99

Bulk buy 6 x filter twin packs for £24.99

Bulk buy 12 x filter twin packs for £47.99

13222 Lay-z-spa Floor Protector
Round Floor protector is ideal for all models of Lay-z-spa. Durable polyethlene material that provides insulation and protection for your Lay-z-spa


Order by 1pm for same day dispatch