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Frequently Asked Questions

(1) Is the Pump/Filter Unit Water Proof?

Yes, it is fully Waterproof.

(2) Does it come with a Warranty?

Yes, 12 Months replacement parts. This covers the heater and filter pump unit. There is also a 6 month warranty on the inner lining.

(3) What happens if I have a problem with my spa?

You can either call Bestway on there freephone support number or If you have purchased your spa through us we will be more than happy to help as well.. As we are the main retailer and importer of this amazing product we have full knowledge to be able to advise you on chemical and maintenance which will make your enjoyment of your spa even greater.

(4) Can you really get 4 people in the spa comfortably?

Absolutely Yes! Check out the photo page and you'll see one of our team with a few of his friends.

(5) How long does it take to heat?

It heats at 3-4f an hour, so within 24 hours your spa can be up to 104f. This is the same temperature as similar spa's costing thousands of pounds.

(6) How does the Spa heat up?

Through a very clever unit that heats the water as it is circulating through the pump.

(7) Does the Pump unit filter the water?

Yes, the unit is always filtering the water. Part of maintaining your spa includes checking the filter every unit every 2 weeks. This can be cleaned with fresh water, although it is recommended you replace this at least once a month. We sell filters on our accessory page.

(8) Do I need Chemicals?

Yes, like a swimming pool your spa water needs to be treated. We sell on our accessories page a starter set which is ideal. This includes chlorine and other chemicals which are required to maintain your spa.

(9) How long does it take to fill you spa?

Approximately 1 hour and a half. The same to empty it. We recommend you change the water in your spa once a month.

(10) How do the jets work?

Through a ring with microjets it cleverly aerates and circulate the water whilst the bubbles are released from the bottom and massage your back as the bubbles make their way to the surface.

(11) Can I buy a bigger Lay-z-Spa?

Yes there are two sizes of Lay-z-spa. The round Lay-z-spa is suitable for upto 4 Adults and the Oval Lay-z-spa will allow 6 adults, ideal for when you have a larger group of friends to entertain.

(12) Can you send spa's to Europe?

Yes, please let us know where you are in Europe and we will gladly quote you. It is surprising how many orders we have taken from our customers in France and Spain. It is an ideal Spa to have in your holiday home.

(13) What happens if my spa suffers a puncture?

The Lay-z-Spa is made very strongly, but should this happen, included in your box is a repair kit. This is very simple to do.

(14) Is it comfortable to sit on?

You sit on an inflatable cushion base which is extremely comfortable.

(15) Can I use my Spa in the Winter?

Yes, In fact a lot of spa owners will tell you that winter time can be the most enjoyable. We would recommend that if we going into sub zero temperature's for a while then it would be best to pack away.

(16) What Type of Socket Should I be connecting it to?

If you don't already have an outdoor socket, you will need to have one fitted. These can be purchased from any hardware store. 

(17) How hard should I inflate my Spa?

What you have to consider is when you fill your spa with water you are going to increase the pressure on its surround, so it is very important not to over inflate. Also when the water becomes hot and the sun is shining this will make the air inside expand. Ideally the best way is inflate, but make sure its not to firm, then fill, and heat. Once it is at full temperature and in the middle of the day feel the sides, and if it feels and looks to firm  simply let some air out. 

  1. (18)Can I run my Bestway pump continually?
    We rec
    ommend that after initially heating to required temperature the Bestway pump should not be run for more than 8 hours per day.

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