Bestway 10ft Steel Pro Frame Pool Solar Cover

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Bestway 10ft Steel Pro Frame Pool Solar Cover simply floats on the surface of 10ft or Steel Pro Pool, providing insulation and blocking bathing birds, skinny dipping squirrels, curious cats, falling leaves and outdoor debris from accumulating in the water.
The solar swimming pool cover is made from a hardwearing material covered in tiny air bubbles just like bubble wrap! These air bubbles are the key to insulation. Their design enables the solar pool cover to absorb heat from the sun and transfer it to the water. Another great feature of the swimming pool solar cover's bubbly design is that it stores heat and seriously limits the amount that escapes from the water.
Because the 10ft pool cover shields such a large area of the poolÕs surface, leaving a tiny gap around the edge to let the water breathe, it also reduces evaporation. Limiting the amount of water that escapes into the atmosphere means less money spent on costly top up costs! By forming a barrier and preventing the build-up of debris the pool solar cover can also save cash on cleaning and maintenance!
Absorbs sunlight & transfers heat to water
Prevents dirt & debris accumulating in pool
Insulated to prevent loss of water temperature
Limits water evaporation from the pool
Specifications: 114in (2.90m)

Suitable Age 11 Years +.

Safety Information:
Warning. Not suitable for Children under 3 years.