Bestway Hydro-Force Chlorinator

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A hydro-force chlorinator from Bestway.

Just add salt and say good bye to pool chemicals. Working with common table salt, the Hydro-Force Flow clear. Chlorinator makes pool maintenance easy by eliminating the need fo pool chemicals and providing swimmers with clean, clear pool water that doesn't irritate their skin or burn their eyes. By adding common table salt or sodium chloride to swimming pool water, the Hydro-Force Flowclear Chlorinator is able to separate the salt into the two basic elements of sodium and chloride. As part of the daily filtration cycle, pool water passes through the chlorinator's electrolytic cell producing chlorine that instantly dissolves into the water, which destroys bacteria and algae on contact andoxidises other organic materials. Easy to install, use and maintain. Produces up to 24 grams of pure chlorine per hour.

Easy-to-view display panel highlights salt levels and water flow. Environmentally friendly - Eliminates the need for harmful pool chemicals. Turn ordinary salt into chlorine to clean your pool!
Titanium-coated electrolytic cell is self-cleaning, which provides optimum performance. Provides clean and clear swimming pool water. Better for skin, hair, eyes and healthier than regular chlorine.

24V DC, 180W45,420 L (12,000 gallons) and below water volume. Rated above 3,028 L (800 gallons) per hour.

Safety Information:
Warning. Not suitable for Children under 3 years.