Bestway Pool Surface Skimmer

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Bestway Pool Surface Skimmer is a highly effective method of clearing leaves, beetles and floating debris from the water in your pool. It's great for keeping debris out of your way whilst taking a dip, rather than clambering out every fifteen minutes to scoop it out with a net.
The swimming pool skimmer consists of a mount to connect it to the side of a pool, a container with a hole in the bottom and a debris basket that sits inside. It comes with a hose, which plugs into the container's hole and connects it to the outlet on a pool. This means that any water being pumped out of the pool has to pass through the swimming pool skimmer basket, along with any unwanted debris. Simply remove the basket when it's full of debris to empty it out.
Another great feature of the skimmer for pools is that its mount is fully adjustable. This enables you to move it up or down so that the top is always level with the surface of the water and can easily trap floating debris. Not only does the skimmer keep water looking cleaner but it prevents your filter pump getting blocked, reducing swimming pool maintenance costs.

Suitable for ages 18 years +

Safety Information:
Warning. Not suitable for Children under 3 years.